Sequoyah Uniform Policy

       2.  These are the only choices for students:


* Sequoyah shirts colors in the knit polo style are specific colors of: navy blue, royal blue, light-blue, yellow-gold, yellow, black, gray and white.

* Long-sleeve undershirts must be of solid uniform color. (NO stripes, stars, polka dots or etc.)

* Peter-Pan collared shirts (for girls) may be worn with jumpers.



                                *Khaki, black or navy blue slacks/shorts for boys.

*Khaki, black or navy blue pants/shorts/jumpers/skorts/skirts/capris for girls. (Leggings under skirts/dress must be plain white, blue, navy, black or khaki) *(Cargo pants/shorts, leggings and skinny jeans or colored jeans are NOT considered appropriate uniform pants)*


·SAFE SHOES:  No “flip-flops”, “croc” or “skate” type shoes.  Tennis shoes and closed in shoes are preferred.    



                               *Hairstyles are to reflect uniform dress. Therefore hair must be of natural hair color. (Extreme colors are NOT permitted.)

           Note: Only Friday is Spirit Day.  Students can wear blue or black jeans and a Uniform shirt or Sequoyah Spirit shirt.


3.     If an undershirt is worn under the uniform shirt, it should be tucked in at all times.


4.     No jewelry except earrings.  No purses.  No cell phones.  No money except for the purchase of small items such as snacks, ordered

items or field trips.  Confiscated item(s) will not be returned until the end of the school year and Sequoyah will not take responsibility for any item(s) that are lost or stolen as a result of your child bringing them to school.

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